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Specialized Experience Benefits Libraries

Libraries are exciting!

Library staff members have got a great story to tell! You've got educational and recreational events for all ages. Detail-rich databases. Newest technology. Downloadable books. Reference services. Best-selling books, music and movies. Yet some patrons and potential patrons are unaware of the resources you offer each day.

How can you maximize library benefits for existing patrons while attracting new ones? During your already busy schedule, how do you further your mission through team-based strategy and well-planned communication? What can you do to increase public awareness and library usage on a limited budget? The PR Dept. has the answers!

Leading strategic library communications is Tricia Richards, a professional who has earned national, state and regional recognition. During her career, Tricia has been a library patron, volunteer and employee. Tricia is a member of the American Library Association and the Pennsylvania Library Association. In addition, she is a board member for Pennsylvania Citizens for Better Libraries.

Her communications expertise and library experience uniquely qualify her to provide library-centric consulting services. She and her team also offer standard and customized one-day seminars to help you achieve your goals and stay within your budget.

Call The PR Dept. at 570-955-6965 to check availability and plan a seminar in your area. Invite your staff and board members for a day-long training session, or combine resources with other libraries to share the benefits.

Member: American Library Association, Pennsylvania Library Association, and Pennsylvania Citizens for Better Libraries.