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Most Popular Seminar: 60 Ideas in 60 Minutes (with bonus material)

Most Requested Friends Seminar: Building and Maintaining Partnerships in Your Community

Featured Seminar: Public Relations and Marketing Techniques for Libraries (Standard one-day seminar / click on Library Seminars for other session descriptions)

Here is a sampling of other seminars that have already benefited thousands of people:

Tell Me About It
Reports created to share progress with library directors, library boards and even municipalities can be used in creative ways to achieve your objectives. Learn how to review written reports, statistics and other organizational documents to view and apply the information in new, beneficial ways.

Public Presentation Skills for Library Staff
It’s been said that more people fear public speaking than anything else. This session will give you the techniques and skills you need to take away the fear of making presentations and develop your strengths in a way that will impress all audiences. Geared toward communicating the most common library messages, this interactive session is intended to benefit participants of all ages and all levels of experience.

Communications Among Library Staff: When NOT To Be Quiet in the Library
Reward and recognition programs can add a lot to your library’s reputation – and to its bottom line! Learn what rewards are most meaningful to your co-workers, and discover how your appreciation for one another can make a world of difference to the staff and the patrons.

A Cup of Wisdom: What Libraries Can Learn from Starbucks
There are many reasons this coffee vendor is king. Find out what made Starbucks so popular and what’s keeping people coming in the door. Participants will then learn how to apply those business practices to their libraries.

Size Does Matter: Marketing the Smaller Library
Successfully marketing any library begins with analyzing the library and its offerings to determine the unique selling proposition (USP). Once you’ve chosen that characteristic, you’ve got the basis for a compelling marketing communications plan. Tricia Richards will help you find yours and give you ideas on how to implement the plan.

A Study in Leadership Theory and Practice (Or, What You and Arnold Schwarzenegger Have in Common) Succession planning is critical as library’s plan for their ideal future. Participants in this session will learn the benefits of sharing talent and developing emerging leaders in a way that advances the library’s goals. This session will explore ways to enhance leadership skills to inspire and motivate others; model the behaviors of a successful leader to develop tomorrow’s leaders; and encourage support for your library’s mission, vision and objectives.

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The PR Dept. offers other standard full- and half-day seminars on many communications topics, such as:

  • Strategic communications
  • Crisis communications
  • Business writing
  • High-impact, low-cost public relations tactics
  • Marketing for small businesses
  • Public relations strategies
  • Customized programs based on your needs.
  • If your organization has specific communication needs, we'll will develop a custom seminar to achieve your objectives.

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